In-Your-Kitchen Coaching – 90 Minutes GROUP


In-Your-Kitchen Coaching – 90 Minutes GROUP

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(Nutrition, Health, & In-Your-Kitchen Coaching only, 12 person max.)

I have found that working toward better health through nutrition can be accomplished much faster by meeting you in your kitchen instead of my office. I am able to see first hand what you stock in your pantry and refrigerator, and quickly assess your needs and options based on the way you live, your cooking skills, and kitchen facilities. Keeping a food journal is great, but I want to see how you really live and eat at home. In-Your-Kitchen Coaching literally meets you where you’re at, giving you the tools to implement a healthy eating lifestyle. This method of Nutritional Coaching is truly transformative. Within a handful of appointments you can learn how to regain your health, lose weight, and save time!

Private Nutrition Consultation

  • Pantry, Fridge, and Kitchen Make-overs: have a beautifully organized kitchen!
  • Cooking Lessons: from juicing to smoothies, dehydrating to making probiotic-rich foods, to cooking and baking
  • Healthy Culinary Shopping Expeditions (markets, farms, culinary stores)
  • Healthy Menu Design & Event Planning
  • World Travel Healthy Dining & Accommodations Concierge Service


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