Compassionate Communication Practice Group (NVC / Non-Violent Communication)

3 Hour Class:

Compassionate Communication Practice Group (NVC / Non-Violent Communication)

with CNVC Certified Trainer, Eddie Zacapa

Sunday, June 4th, 2017

2:30pm – 6pm (2:30 - 3pm mingle & refreshments)

Fee:  $30

This is an ongoing group workshop where we practice communication skills such as conflict resolution, confrontation, and connection. All are welcome (adults only).


Eddie Zacapa, founder of Life Enriching Communication (LEC), is a certified trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) and lives in the Sacramento, CA area. Eddie has facilitated anger management, conflict management, parenting classes and other workshops on various topics. He is the director of Life Enriching Communication and currently offers life coaching and consulting to individuals, families, and organizations. He uses Life Enriching Communication (aka Nonviolent Communication) and incorporates this into his workshops and coaching.

In his workshops he assists individuals in understanding and implementing NVC principles into their daily lives. Eddie works with a variety of clients and organizations. Some are listed below:

* Individuals, couples, organizations, families and communities

* School Systems

* Health Care and social service agencies

* Workplaces - from boardroom to shop floor

* Religious and spiritual communities - for congregants and leaders.

If you are interested in working with Eddie you can contact him via email at or call him at 916-409-0879.

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